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BMK Community has been providing Peer Team programs to MSP’s and TSP’s since 2004. We blend the what and the how with the why every time we meet. We’ve been helping MSPs for over 18 years, from $500,000 companies to $20,000,000 per year companies. We base our Peer Team practices on a solid financial foundation that focuses on 16 targeted numbers – we developed the processes, and we wrote the book (literally) on the financial benchmarks used by thousands of firms around the globe. We know you. Each of our consultants has advanced degrees and training in their field, and at least ten years of experience actually working in the industry. This marriage of theory and practice is critical to our strategic approach. Combined, our consultants have over 100 years of hands-on problem-solving expertise behind them. That’s a lot of problems, and even more solutions.

Your business is growing but you can’t shake the earlier bad habits made during a time when the small things didn’t matter.

These add up and create bottlenecks to your growth and sanity. Enter BMK Peer Teams, a management consulting engagement to improve your business. Find solace in your dedicated Executive Coach and facilitator who will work with you to tackle challenges big and small with expertise. 

Choose from one of our 3 business-building Peer Team programs:


Created for owners looking for financially based guidance and regular remote accountability.


Designed for owners looking for financially based guidance, advisory services surrounding service and sales, and a CEO Peer Team.


Designed for every aspect of business, the Charge + program brings in evaluation, planning, training and more.


  • BMK Portal Access
  • Monthly Financial Report
  • Quarterly Financial Review
  • Quarterly Peer Team Remote Meeting
  • Self-Directed & Reviewed Business Performance Assessment


  • 3x 1.5 Day Peer Team Evens (in-person)
  • Business Performance Assessment
  • Business Destination Plan
  • Business Destination Plan Alignment Session


  • Key Team Member Monthly Meeting
  • Service Manager Peer Team
  • BMK Training Programs

MSPs Tell Their Story

Jeff Norton, President at Datum Consulting

Kevin Tobey, President at Salem Business Computers

Albert Steed, President at Advanced Computer Solutions

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