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Charge and Squad Peer Team Charter

Purpose and Objectives 
BMK Perspective Peer Teams exist to support owners and their business. Our overall objectives are to increase financial, operational, sales, leadership and ownership knowledge of each business owner through training, consulting, and working with other business owners.  This charter is created to identify the requirements of any business owner to become a Perspective Peer Team Member.

Focus of Peer Teams

  • Financial – Provide complete understanding of your businesses Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and alignment with Bering McKinley KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Operations – Provide complete understanding of best practices with operational structure of MSPs and best practices.
  • Sales – Provide proven sales standards that meet the demands of the MSP space
  • Leadership – Build leadership skills through education, one-on-one communication and interaction with other peer team members.
  • Ownership – Ownership can be a lonely place. We will help celebrate wins and provide guidance on how the most successful owners manage their life and business.

Role of the Member

This is your Team.  Your role is to be actively engaged, open to feedback, willing to share. This Team succeeds only when every member is giving 100%. You should be very clear about why you joined a Team and what your own personal goals are from the Team and your business.


Created for owners looking for financially based guidance and regular remote accountability. The BMK Squad Community embraces organizing your finances into clear readable metrics throughout BMK Financial Portal and Dashboard. Then, with regular remote peer meetings, metrics are learned, compared and pro-tips are shared. Level up your Finance game with BMK Squad.


  • BMK Portal Access
  • Monthly Financial Report
  • Quarterly Financial Review
  • Quarterly Peer Team Remote Meeting
  • Self-Directed & Reviewed BPA


Don’t be left guessing in your buisness. Knowing how to organize your finances to industry standards and benchmark them against key metrics is the difference between losing and winning.


Enjoy team meeting with peers who are going through the same challenges as you. All led by an expert guide who has ownership experience. Share best practices and overcome obstacles. All while sharing laughs and friendship in a positive atmosphere.


Increase your enterprise value and profitability. With Squad the knowledge and power of your numbers will be unleashed. No more guessing. Impress your team, your bank and potential buyers with strong numbers.


Designed for owners looking for financially based guidance, advisory services surrounding service and sales, and a CEO Peer Team. The Charge program includes the item you need to get your financials on track, plus regular in-person Peer Team meetings and events. Your expert guide will also work with you regularly to check on your growth and your business.


  • BMK Portal Access
  • Monthly Financial Report
  • Quarterly Financial Review
  • Quarterly Peer Team Remote Meeting
  • 3×1.5 Day Peer Team Evens (in-person)
  • Annual Business Performance Assessment
  • Annual Business Destination Plan
  • Monthly Business Destination Plan Meeting


A-Z your Annual BMK Business Performance Assessment will give focus into areas that need improvement and areas that can be leveraged as your strengths.


In-Person Peer Team meetings help you connect, learn, grow, and have fun. With expert guide and hand selected peers, you cohort will be unstoppable.


Not all who wander are lost, but those who wander take longer. With the Business Destination Plan you will define goals ahead and the path to get there fast.


After decades of consulting, running peer teams and helping clients grow, we created Charge + with you in mind. Designed for every aspect of business, the Charge + program brings in evaluation, planning, training, and more. All supported by dedicated guides who will help ensure you have the tools to succeed and the accountability to meet your goals. Your guide will meet regularly with owners and key team members to keep the business on the right track. With enrollment into the CEO, Service Peer teams and access to the BMK Education programs, you will get the knowledge you deserve and the guidance to ensure success. Charge + for the exceptional.


  • BMK Portal Access
  • Monthly Financial Report
  • Quarterly Financial Review
  • Quarterly Peer Team Remote Meeting
  • 3×1.5 Day Peer Team Evens (in-person)
  • Annual Business Performance Assessment
  • Annual Business Destination Plan
  • Bi-Weekly Destination Plan Meeting
  • Key Team Member Monthly Meeting
  • Service Manager Peer Team
  • BMK Training Programs


Access to the BMK Education and Training programs. Get your staff certified on Dispatcher, Service Manager or Sales to ensure everyone is at 100%.


Getting and keeping the key team members on point is a struggle. With your dedicated guide attending key meetings this will now be fun and easy. Keep the team on point.


Bi-Weekly Destination Plan meetings keep you moving foward and staying true to your plam. You won’t be distracted or derailed from your goals anymore.

Code of Conduct

SELF AWARE – We will be aware when we are dominating a conversation. We will be aware when we are taking a conversation in a direction that others are not going to find relevant. We will be aware when we are being overly defensive and not open to others ideas and opinions.

CARE – We have permission to caringly confront another member, even when doing so makes that member feel uncomfortable.

OPENNESS – If we feel a member is holding back and/or not being totally open and candid with us, we will confront that member.

CONFIDENTIALITY – We will alert/inform the whole team whenever we feel there has been a violation of rule of confidentiality; it will be a team issue to address and resolve.

SUPPORTIVE – It is encouraged to ask for support and assistance when we feel we need it at any time, even between the times of our meetings.

TRUST – We trust that we can trust in one another; we can count on each other to honor the confidentiality agreement that we all made when we joined Bering McKinley.

RESPECT – We will show respect to one another and our commitment to being present and on time at our meetings.

CANDOR – We will be open and candid with one another; we will say what we are thinking.

PRESENT – We will be attentive and present during all meetings. This means we will not be distracted by checking emails, phones, texts during our limited time together. When on conference calls we will give all members attention and support.

INCLUSIVE – We will welcome new members to our team and do our best to include them in conversations and activities. We will refrain from unproductive discussions about individual members but rather take concerns directly to the individual or to our Peer Team Guide and Facilitator.

PRIORITY – We will attempt to prioritize the communications from our Peer Team members. When a team member is in need of feedback we will be there for them. This applies to team emails, message boards, and phone calls.


Why do we only meet tri-annually?

We know you have a busy schedule.  These meetings can never become a burden or their value will be reduced.  Your team may unanimously decide to increase the frequency

What if our team would like to meet more often?

If your team decides to meet more frequently have your Peer Team Guide let us know and we will discuss frequency, scheduling and increase in fees.  Some teams add additional meetings with a different agenda.  We are happy to help you decide a great agenda for the additional meetings.

Is there a discount for your other services?

Yes, for workshops we offer a 20% discount for single workshops

Why do most of your teams only meet in Chicago?

Chicago is a central location, easy to get in and out of, and is a great destination should you decide to make a vacation out of your time here.

Where in Chicago are the meetings held?

Meetings are typically held at the Hyatt Lodge, Oak Brook or hotels near O’Hare airport.  Depending on availability and pricing, we sometimes move the exact hotel.  You will know where your meeting is held at least 3 months prior to your meeting

Can I bring my spouse to the meeting?

We encourage you to bring your spouse to your event.  However, please get clearance from your Peer Team Guide for permission to have your spouse attend all or part of the actual meeting.  We want everyone to always feel comfortable sharing everything in the meeting.  A new face in the team can sometimes make this difficult

Can my business partner and I switch attendance every meeting?

Yes, however this is generally a risky idea.  Your team needs to get to know YOU.  Think about how you can involve your partner in all meetings.

What if I can’t attend one of the monthly calls?

Please alert your Peer Team Guide immediately.  You will still need to submit all of your information so everyone is aware of how you performed the previous month

What if I can’t attend one of the in person meetings?

Schedules of meetings are published up to 2 months in advance.  Missing a meeting is a serious event. First work with your Guide to see if the meeting can be changed.  Know that the likelihood of this is very low.  Next, work with your Guide to see if teleconferencing in is an option.  Finally, if you must meet, let your team know and share your presentation with them so they can see what is happening in your

What happens if I have a conflict with my team facilitator?

Talk to your facilitator outside of the meeting time.  Share with your facilitator what you are feeling and work it out.  Facilitators know it is their job to push you outside your comfort zone and at time they can rub people the wrong.  It’s a tough job to be analyzing 10 businesses and giving feedback in the most effective way.  If you are unable to resolve, contact your Peer Team Guide.  He or she will arrange a
meeting with us to work out a solution.

What do I do if I have a conflict with one of my team members?

In private, let your Peer Team Guide know first.  Don’t get sucked into gossiping and click’ish behavior. Let us help get you and your fellow member back on the right track or discuss solutions.

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