About Us

Welcome: First, thank you for going through our website and discovering who BMK Community is and hopefully allowing us the privilege of getting to know you and your business. We know how hard it is to identify a great consulting firm. You’ve done your diligence. We know you will benefit from this relationship from the very first meeting. We have the expertise, the experience, the skills, and the proven methodology to guide you to your very best. Perhaps you’re interested in our peer team and BMK Community. As the name suggests, we create “teams” of peer that help one another to move forward and solve problems. Bering McKinley has you covered with peer experiences and our team of consultants. We are going to put a lot of data in front of you. We will be reviewing your entire company and keep you on the right track the whole way through. We will be here to facilitate your growth. We will be ready with advice, expertise, and passion. You bring the motivation, we’ll bring the tools.

The BMK-C Difference

Together we win. BMK Community is smarter business.

Looking for like minded people who:

  • Value Winning
  • Love Change
  • Stay Curious
  • Practice Humility

Built On Results

Talk is easy, but when it comes to making meaningful change in fast paced, complex, growing businesses; That’s a different story. BMK Community thrives in areas that seem impossible to move forward. We know every business has mountains to climb, but you don’t have to go it alone. Get to the top faster with BMK Community Peer Teams. The view is great. Experience is something that can’t be taught. It can’t be substituted and shouldn’t be confused with information. That’s why BMK Community team is comprised of consultants with real world experience in their own businesses. Each member having dedicated disciplines of focus and together combining to represent every functional area of business. Including strategy, marketing, sales, finance, human resources, technology, and operations. This comprehensive skill set allows your business easy access to every competency required no matter the challenge.

A Team of Professionals

Josh Peterson

Having 18 years in the industry and working with hundreds of MSP owners, Josh helps you break down the excuses…


Ilan Sredni

Ilan Sredni, was the founder, President & CEO of Palindrome Consulting until he exited in 2022 and joined Cantey Technology…


Sarah Greller

Sarah is a seasoned instructor for BMK Education.  While she was still a Service Manager at a very busy MSP…


Khaled Farhang

Khaled Farhang brings close to 30 years of IT experience with the last 15 years growing a high growth MSP…


Rose Avila

Rose Avila: As a Bering McKinley Institute Instructor and ConnectWise Consultant, Rose has helped MSPs build and define processes, workflow,…


Ben Altman

Ben Altman brings 20 years of sales training and management across the full spectrum of technology services. Knowing that strong…


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