BMK Community & Empath Cyber come together

Peer Team dedicated to Cyber Security, Compliance for MSPs that is wrapped around CIS controls.

At BMK Community, we take great pride in our long experience of assisting peer teams that are focused on various MSP roles, such as ownership, service, sales, and finance. Establishing accountability within teams, creating clear paths to success, and creating an atmosphere that encourages innovative problem-solving are among our key competencies.


We are convinced that the best method to help Managed Service Providers address the constantly changing cybersecurity concerns is to implement a community-based strategy. We found the perfect partner in Empath Cyber to deliver a peer team solely focused on MSP cybersecurity wrapped around CIS controls. Empath Cyber, lead by Wes Spencer and Alex Farling, have a dedicated mission to transform the MSP Cyber Security landscape by education and upskilling.

What to expect:

          ☑️   Monthly coaching and education

          ☑️   Access to Empath Cyber Education Portal

          ☑️   Access to BMK Community Financial Portal

          ☑️   Critical path implementation to CIS controls

          ☑️   Course content delivered on Empath Cyber Portal

          ☑️   Empath Cyber Private Podcast

          ☑️   Discussion forums

          ☑️   Tech stack pricing

          ☑️   Tech stack calculator delivered by BMK Community

          ☑️   Online cyber courses delivered through Empath Cyber portal


We answer questions like:

  • a. How do you actually build a cyber security program?
  • b. How do you measure the success of your cybersecurity program?
  • c. How am I able to offer this program?


And more….


    Benefit from monthly calls that provide insights and expertise from leading industry professionals. Stay ahead of the curve with exclusive access to the comprehensive Empath cybersecurity training content and an active, informed community.


    But it doesn’t stop at information exchange. We believe in actionable insights. To this end, our accountability groups are dedicated to assisting members in the practical implementation of best practice cyber security policies, starting with the foundational CIS Controls.
    This is more than a community; it’s a commitment to excellence and security in the digital age. Join us in our mission to elevate and secure the cyber landscape.

    Limited Space available for peer team participation

    $395 per month for full access

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