BMK goes live with an exclusive BMK-Only Technology Partnership Program

 a business consulting firm that helps managed service providers (MSPs) and managed print partners around the globe find a path to profitability, announces the opening of its Technology Partnership Program (TPP), giving BMK clients immediate operational efficiencies and financial incentives around the business and backend tools they use to run their businesses and service their clients.

BMK provides personalized tools support via their Vision and Approach programs that help MSPs fully realize the total value of their tools investment through planning, implementation, and best practice consultation around popular tools like ConnectWise Stack (Automate, Manage, Sell), Gozynta Mobius, Wyse, IT Glue, PAX 8, ConnectBooster, QB/QBO, Bright Gauge, IT Boost and more. TPP is designed to add additional value to these existing programs.

“I have had to learn and adopt hundreds of tools throughout my MSP career as a NOC and Service Manager. Now that I am on the other side of the fence, helping MSPs source and implement tools into their business that align with BMK’s vision and methods. I see the need for a one-stop shop that provides customized, accessible vendor access to help MSPs really get the most out of their tool investment,” says Will Young, BMK Sr. Application Consultant. “Our BMK Vision and Approach Tools program is the first step, and the TPP simply ties it all together by helping BMK clients maximize their tool investment while minimizing the learning curve, adds Young.”

Will Young

Sr. Application Consultant, Bering McKinley

TPP increases BMK client value in five distinct areas:

  • Customized tutorials and one-to-few webinars with select vendors
  • Vendor tool and support discounts
  • Access to exclusive Product User Groups
  • BMK Tool Playbook combined with best practices and tool utilization
  • Quarterly check-ins with a BMK expert to answer questions and troubleshoot issues

As an exclusive partnership between BMK and select vendor partners, BMK clients are invited to enroll in TPP with access to product discounts, exclusive product offerings, user group discussions, and personal vendor attention around the tools many MSPs use daily. Additionally, TPP provides BMK clients with a customized playbook around how the tool is used in combination with BMK processes to increase internal user adoption and optimize tool investment.

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