ConnectWise Sell ConsultingConnectWise Sell – most of us first discovered this tool when it was initially called Quosal and was later purchased and renamed ConnectWise Sell. ConnectWise Sell has some unique features that, if set-up properly in advance, will increase the likelihood of accurate quotes going out the door faster, and that in return means the possibility for increased revenue and fewer mistakes during procurement and implementation.


As veteran ConnectWise users and implementors, Bering McKinley would like to share with you our top 3  value-add picks for ConnectWise Sell.

Bering McKinley’s Top 3 ConnectWise Sell Value-Adds:

1. Sell to Manage Integration

ConnectWise Sell has the tightest integration to ConnectWise Manage, converting quotes into service orders, automating key activities after the sale such as procurement, automation, and setting up renewal reminders that take place throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

Another big value-add to this integration is the reduction of the number of times a sales order / service order / agreement / invoice – all pertaining to a single client, is touched. Data flows almost seamlessly between Sell, Manage, and Automate making this an attractive alternative to spreadsheets and expensive sales pipeline alternatives.

But, there is a catch. ConnectWise Sell does not come in just one flavor. Different Sell licensing levels provide varying levels of advanced automation and workflow. For example, the Premium license allows users to set-up quoting parameters in advance, firing off a Quote around an expiring Agreement, without any human intervention. And while most clients still use Basic and Standard licensing, more advanced features may be worth paying for, depending on what you want to do.

2. ConnectWise Sell Templates

As ConnectWise experts and business consultants, we are always looking for better ways to automate processes and eliminate copy and paste activities. ConnectWise Sell Templates provides that level of automation, but only to the level that you have these templates configured properly in advance. If you are wanting to achieve an accurate quoting process in under 3 minutes, then you are going to have to define and edit templates to go out consistently time after time. Here are a few tips to make that happen:

  • Make sure your terms are set up correctly.
  • Double-check to ensure your rates are accurate and up to date.
  • Set-up your internal approvals and workflow notifications to reach the correct people to meet specific SLAs.

The ConnectWise Sell Templates are powerful but only as useful as the time and planning that goes into setting them up to perform properly.
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3. The ConnectWise Sell Integration with Etilize


This slick integration brings a new level of on-demand, real-time pricing information to the ConnectWise Sell community. Etilize promises access to over seven million products within seconds—including images, tunable descriptions, and detailed parametric data, making quoting much quicker and considerably more accurate. And while other integrations provide access to one distributor catalog and pricing data, Etilize provides access to multiple distributors with up-to-date pricing and product links that greatly enhance outgoing proposals.


Getting the Most Out of Your ConnectWise Sell Investment

Most MSPs that we work with understand the power of an automation tool.

What they don’t understand is that most powerful automation tools, like ConnectWise Manage, Sell, and Automate are not turn-key. Why not? Because every MSP has a different set of business processes that govern how they enter and review data and service their clients.

Most MSPs come to Bering McKinley already having tried to implement ConnectWise Sell.  What they really want is help with the gaps and those gaps represent the differences between how their business processes work today and the way ConnectWise is designed to work.

At Bering McKinley we are business consultants first and ConnectWise implementors second, meaning, we take an invested interest in the way you do business before we ever recommend a way of implementing and using ConnectWise.

ConnectWise Sell Consulting


We also believe in reducing the time and error that goes into trying to implement and use a ConnectWise Manage, Sell, and Automate. For example, we find that the average MSP will spend up to 40+ hours in the first month trying to configure and connect ConnectWise Sell to ConnectWise Manage and other internal processes, only to find that templates don’t get used with salespeople reverting back to old spreadsheets for building detailed quotes and proposals.

When you work with Bering McKinley to set-up ConnectWise Sell, we look for ways to automate the process around:

  • Customize Proposal templates to simplify the quoting process
  • Refine ConnectWise Sell to fit your business processes
  • Build and improve workflow automation that aligns with your current Sell licensing level
  • Set-up and use permission-based quoting for all types of sales activity

ConnectWise Sell Consulting

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