Most MSPs find themselves in a texting dilemma!

This occurs in several MSP practices because customers prefer to text their technicians rather than pick up the phone or even send an email. Consequently, what often occurs is this:

  • There is little-to-no accountability. The technician receives the text, but there is no audit trail or accountability to ensure the request is followed up or completed.
  • The technician might be on vacation, receiving a text but unable (or more unlikely) to respond.
  • It’s hard to track prior conversations and history from a text.
  • You can’t re-assign the ticket when it’s on one technician’s phone.

So, what is your Service Desk to do?

Bering McKinley featured Gozynta on their monthly ConnectWise Tuesday Guest speaker series. In this recording, the Gozynta team demonstrates the power of their texting-to-ticket solution, Tixt, showing the following:

  • How to keep track of texting in ConnectWise Manage.
  • How to allow tickets to be reassigned to other resources
  • How to keep texts from going to personal phone numbers

Keep your tech’s phone number private while allowing them to answer customers’ questions by text. Click to watch below.