Implementing and leveraging the full power of a PSA like ConnectWise can greatly impact your business. There is no doubt about the power and information that can be obtained from these valuable tools. In this blog we will take it one step further, open the kimono and share with you highly valuable secrets for getting the most out of your PSA—information that you will rarely hear anywhere else.

As business consultants and long-time implementation specialists of PSA tools like ConnectWise and Autotask, we know and intimately understand what it takes to marry best practices in business to the design and specifications of a PSA tool. We want to share with you the lessons we have learned along the way and we hope that it will inspire you to take the next steps to put solid processes in place to help you measure profitability and move towards positive change.

Here are our Secrets for Getting More Out of Your ConnectWise Investment”

Mr. Owner, use the tool.

If the owner will use it, he/she will be more integrated into the changes in processes and data entry that will have to take place in order to implement and use the PSA. These software tools are not turn-key. In fact, the implementation of any PSA will require a hard look at your current processes and require you to adapt to the way the PSA is designed. Leadership starts at the top. Processes and change will only happen under strong leadership. We find that owners who stay engaged in the implementation process experience a 69% greater utilization of their PSA. To manage, you have to connect with your own internal processes that will guide and grow your organization.

Even if it is on a napkin, write down your organization chart.

 What does your company really look like? Your company may have grown organically and a clear division of labor might not yet be established. PSAs like ConnectWise operate on roles and division of labor. Take a hard look at how your company operates. You can start by asking yourself these questions:

  • Who handles what?
  • What are the titles of different individuals in your organization? If they don’t have a title, assign one.
  • If someone has a title, what do they do? Do we all clearly know what that person does?
  • Who manages who? Assign managers to specific groups of individuals.
  • What are the various levels of security for each role? Don’t ignore this one. Security access to information within the PSA is based on role.

When in doubt, map it.

 Mapping processes are critical to determining where information will live within your PSA. Remember, every single field in a service ticket has a purpose. Mapping and defining your processes in advance will help you determine which fields and information outputs cannot be ignored. Map processes around the following: Service, Sales, Accounting, Agreements, Fulfillment, Product & Procurement and Accounting.

Create Lists

Similar to mapping processes, you will want to create lists to help you prepare to import groups of physical and non-physical product lists into your PSA. And while you are at it, don’t forget to create lists around your inventory, chart of accounts and other mission-critical items that will be imported into your PSA.

Your Agreements Need Your Attention

Your Agreements have to be set up with the Agreement Gross Profit report being a goal. That report can give us AGP AND easily calculate Effective Hourly Rate. The trick is you have to know EXACTLY how to enter time against the agreement AND make certain you have all your agreement additions entered with a cost. If we don’t nail those items, you’re working against your PSA investment.

Plan & Provide Enough Time to Implement

Plan and allow enough time to transition from your former system to your new PSA in order to sustain the operation of your business while you transition.

  • We suggest you plan for a minimum of 90 days just for the initial set-up.
  • After this is complete you can add additional modules.
  • Keep the transition scoped and simple, and remember, taking the time to do it right the first time will save you many headaches down the road.

Don’t Implement Alone. Work with an Expert.

Connectwise ConsultingYou would not try to build your own home just because you plan to live in it. Same is true for implementing a complex PSA tool like ConnectWise. At Bering McKinley, we have helped hundreds of businesses marry best business practices with the power of a PSA tool into their business. We take a highly-scoped approach to every engagement that identifies your business needs, maps your current processes to the PSA model working alongside you until the job is done. We continue to help partners get the most out of their PSA investment with on-going Peer Teams and Business Consulting for key areas of your business.

Ready for better? Don’t implement alone.

Need help fully implementing and utilizing your ConnectWise investment? No one knows your PSA like we do. With 100’s of ConnectWise implementations and 1000’s of hours spent configuring, customizing, and mastering, we are the most experienced integrators in the world. We have traveled the world physically and remotely helping IT and MSP Providers gain every ounce of value out of their investment.

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