Real-Life Business Improvement Story

Not having ConnectWise Manage properly configured is something many MSPs can relate to. Here’s a real-life client story that speaks to the business improvement that can be gained when your ConnectWise instance is aligned to the way you do business.

An MSP and ConnectWise client came to us to improve their business process. Here is what we discovered:

  • This MSP had implemented ConnectWise 2 years prior.
  • An employee with some ConnectWise experience configured and helped this MSP implement ConnectWise initially. And while the employee had a high-level understanding of all the things ConnectWise can do, they were not as familiar with how to make that MSP’s business practices fit inside of ConnectWise.
  • As a result, the current ConnectWise setup was preventing this MSP from successfully moving data from ConnectWise to their accounting package, accurately measuring technician time and preventing internal notifications from reaching their intended person or destination. Workflow and follow-through were falling through the cracks, and accurate reporting was non-existent.

Sound familiar? Sure. We see it every day when working with MSPs who have used ConnectWise for years. So, here is what the Bering McKinley team did:

  • Evaluated how they did business. By this, we took a deep dive into how their business works from individual duties, internal processes to agreements, invoicing, accounting, and reporting.
  • Together, the Bering McKinley team was able to design a blueprint that fit this MSP processes into ConnectWise.
  • The team was trained on how to use ConnectWise better and the management team was coached on how to use various ConnectWise reports to make critical business decisions.

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Can you quantify investing more into an advanced ConnectWise consulting engagement?

Using the prior MSP as an example, it might be difficult to quantify this investment dollar for dollar, but it was not hard to quantify the end results. This MSP could now:

  • Measure profitability that they could not see before
  • Measure the client experience
  • Scale inside the ConnectWise toolset for greater efficiencies and reporting

What Bering McKinley consulting offered was the ability of this MSP to improve the business and measure against incremental improvement. The ConnectWise Manage consulting project removed the ceiling from how this MSP used ConnectWise and opened up a world of new possibilities for business improvement.

Why Work with Bering McKinley

There is a vast difference between consultants who have studied ConnectWise vs. business consultants who have studied ConnectWise and know how to create and use the tool in a real-world environment. At Bering McKinley we provide ConnectWise support by helping you connect the dots beyond “is the functionality here and how do I turn it on?” to, “how do we get what we want out of ConnectWise using own way of doing business?”

Ready to remove the ceiling on how your team uses ConnectWise to make better business decisions?

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