You might be inviting intruders into your ConnectWise stack, and you don’t even know it. The truth is that your ConnectWise stack is probably vulnerable to security risks due to common configuration mishaps.

You can take TODAY some fundamental steps TODAY to harden your security in each tool.

Some you are aware of, a couple you might not know.

Watch the pre-recorded ConnectWise Security Hardening webinar with security consultant and guest speaker Jason Slagle and Bering McKinley Sr. Application Consultant Will Young to understand what these gaps entail. 

The recording covers the following:

  • Common misconfigurations inside the ConnectWise stack that increase your security risk
  • Steps you can take to lock down or harden these security gaps in the ConnectWise stack (including the monitor downloads)
  • How Bering McKinley can help you harden your security now and into the future

As a bonus, we provide a link to the security monitors you can download to ensure you have closed the configuration gaps.