CEO Peer Group Mission

How Do MSPs Scale?

At BMK Community Peer Teams, our mission is to empower business owners like you by providing the support and resources needed to enhance your financial, operational, sales, leadership, and ownership knowledge. Through our training, consulting, and collaboration with fellow business owners, we’re here to help you unlock your business’s true potential.

Our Peer Teams focus on:

1. Financial – Gain a comprehensive understanding of your business’s Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and alignment with Bering McKinley KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) 

2. Operations – Discover best practices for MSP operational structures and processes.

3. Sales – Implement proven sales strategies tailored for the MSP space.

4. Leadership – Develop your leadership skills through education, one-on-one communication, and interaction with peer team members.

5. Ownership – Owning a business can be challenging; we’ll help you celebrate victories and offer guidance on how successful owners balance their personal and professional lives.

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