New Product Offering and Two New Hires Support Rapid Growth at Bering McKinley

Bering McKinleyChicago, IL, April 2, 2019—BERING MCKINLEY (BMK), a business consulting firm that helps hundreds of managed service provider (MSPs) around the globe find a path to profitability, announces the expansion of its business, including new Guided Business Consulting services and two new hires—Rose Avila as Application Consultant and Matthew Middlestetter as Chief Marketing Officer. Each of these new hires will help Bering McKinley bring the Compass & GPS Program services to more MSPs.

The Compass Consulting Program and the GPS Peer Team Program are designed to give MSP owners a guided path to profitability. That path includes guided one-on-one business consulting and reporting from data pulled directly from QuickBooks and ConnectWise (CW) databases. Working one-on-one with a seasoned Bering McKinley consultant, MSP leaders get insight into month-over-month trends around key KPIs for their unique businesses, and the help and advice on how the numbers impact profitability.

The GPS Peer Team Program is now an extension of the Compass Program providing business leaders with the power of peer team learning and accountability. Additionally, Bering McKinley has added ConnectWise Tuesdays, a free, weekly Q&A session with a Bering McKinley ConnectWise Consultant to help sales and service leaders gain a deeper understanding around ConnectWise best practices related to implementation, invoicing, charge codes, agreements, procurement, and more.

“We are known as the firm you bring in for real-life, real-world consulting,” said Josh Peterson, Bering McKinley CEO. “We take difficult, complex issues and break them down to the essential steps to execute. And by hiring both Rose Avila and Matthew Middlestetter, we’re able to expand those capabilities to transform more MSP businesses.”

Rose Avila has spent six years as a Bering McKinley client and colleague. She brings practical experience in leadership, service management, and ConnectWise administrative/usage expertise that will help round out the ConnectWise Management and ConnectWise Sell consulting group. Because of her mastery of ConnectWise tools, Rose will head up the new ConnectWise Tuesday program.

“Rose was an obvious fit as she began to help us fine-tune our theories around service management,” said Peterson. “Rose is joining as an Application Consultant, which means she is responsible for bringing her mastery of CW tools to our clients.”

Matthew Middlestetter is joining as Bering McKinley’s new Chief Marketing Officer and will be focused on making sure the internal Bering McKinley culture reflects the wider technology and MSP community. With over a decade of MSP and business mastery, Middlestetter will be shaping the offerings and messaging for the rapidly-growing Bering McKinley client base.

“After Matthew was invited to speak at our 2018 BMK Las Vegas Retreat, it became clear that he was the only choice for our CMO role,” said Peterson. “The response to his message was extraordinary. Knowing his background, expertise, and commitment to culture, we knew that we would benefit from his leadership.”

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