Chicago, IL, January 21, 2020—BERING MCKINLEY (BMK), a business consulting firm that helps hundreds of managed service provider (MSPs) around the globe find a path to profitability, announces the expansion of added ConnectWise Sell and ConnectWise Automate implementation services with the addition of new hire—Will Young as Application Consultant.

Young joins the Bering McKinley team with a long history of service management and ConnectWise expertise. Serving as an Application Consultant, Will Young targets the powerful tools contained in ConnectWise Sell and Automate to expand Bering McKinley’s already robust ConnectWise consulting offerings.

Bering McKinley’s ConnectWise Sell Consulting offers:

  • Professional proposals & agreements inside ConnectWise Sell
  • Renewal reminders tied to agreements, warranties, and upgrades
  • Procurement set-up on signed quotes and proposals
  • Permission-based quoting
  • Pricing rules to protect discounts and revenue margins
  • Robust reporting tied to financials

Bering McKinley’s ConnectWise Automate Consulting offers:

  • Rules and best practices around data flow from ConnectWise Automate to ConnectWise Manage
  • Automation around high-value technical tasks, and workflow to increase productivity and outputs
  • Robust and accurate reporting on data automation

“ConnectWise is a tool and the real value is the information you get out of it,” said Josh Peterson, Bering McKinley CEO. “We simplify business processes of all kinds to break them down to the essential steps to execution. ConnectWise Sell and Automate are powerful tools and hiring experts in the field, such as Will Young enable us to help MSPs focus on optimizing their processes through the combination of business best practices and software automation.”

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