Perfect 7 ConnectWise Implementation Roadmap

Your Professional Services Automation (PSA) package is your most important business investment. No one knows your PSA like the folks at Bering McKinley. With 100’s of ConnectWise implementations and 1000’s of hours spent configuring, customizing, and mastering, we provide a perfect 7 implementation roadmap to get the most out of your ConnectWise investment at a pace that matches your team and resource allocation.

Perfect 7 ConnectWise Implementation

Time and experience have taught us that there is a best way and order in which to implement ConnectWise to maximize business efficiency and outcomes. We call this The Perfect 7, and it is our time-tested preferred order for implementing select features of ConnectWise into your business.


1- ConnectWise Set-up Implementation

The first step of our process is to obtain a clear picture of what’s been set-up and what’s needs to be implemented. Taking a close look at all set-up codes, we will dive into tax codes, and billing rates and all the necessary components to work from.

2- Client List Built Out Implementation

We believe in clean data, and that begins by taking a structured look at your CRM. Bering McKinley helps you clean that CRM data in a way that prevents duplicate accounts, and incorrect data placement that could get in the way of accurate financial reporting being sent to your accounting package down the road.

3- Agreements, Agreements, Agreements!

We build out the Agreements section of your platform, setting up your company for optimized use of agreements, including automation of note taking and reconciliation. Agreements are the lifeblood of building steady and profitable recurring revenue. Your costs, your revenue product additions and your limitations on service live in these complex agreements. Translating your existing business offerings to an equivalent agreement in your ConnectWise is an arduous task. Mapping and setting-up your Agreements with the correct revenue streams that come from those Agreements hold the keys to understanding the profitability of your services. Don’t overlook the importance of getting this right from the start. Also, it’s never too late to do a little touch-up work or have them “sanity checked.”

ConnectWise Perfect 7

4- Services Module Implementation

Staring with a proven methodology for services module setup, our team will work alongside your team to train and best utilize the setup that we agree on. You end up with a consolidated platform that reduces idea overlap, technical mud, and clears the connection between hubs and dispatch.

5- Projects Module Implementation

After services are set, we will focus on organizational and optimization automating workflows, training your staff to creatively use ConnectWise features to build out customized modules specific to your organization.

6- Optimized Data Entry Implementation

As the old saying goes, “garbage in, garbage out.” We will help you build out processes for data entry to ensure effective and accurate reporting results (elimination of duplicate records, recording misinformation, human error).

7 Accounting Integration Implementation

Accounting is merely documentation of all the business decisions that have been made, and that is why we leave it for last. We now have to make the accounting integration work based on the business decisions we have made around service, agreements, projects, time and expenses, procurement, etc.   By the end of this process, your company will be fully integrated through ConnectWise into your preferred accounting package ensuring accurate data flow from sales to accounting.